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Here is my previous customer references, 
I'd like a suggestion, 1st. time, send them text, then call up . 
Even I am doing a business, Not answered phone without Recording name and Number.
Please ask us for their personal contact information. 

Thank you for your interest in our company.

1. Suzanne (Enlarge Living space,Kitchen, Flooring) , Campbell 
2. Peyman (All inclusive Exterior renovation house, Roof Repair stucco, Column, Exterior Paint), San Jose
3. James Yang (Adding space with (E) House All inclusive In& Exterior Renovation) , Redwood City
4. Tina (Adding space with (E) House All inclusive In & Exterior Renovation), Belmont 
5. John (Adding space with (E) House All inclusive In & Exterior Renovation), Redwood City
6. Derric. (Before Move in the house- Repair by house Inspection record In& Exterior Renovation). Hayward 
7. Terrance (Town house (E) Siding replaces whole HOA Units ), Sunnyvale 
8. Jack (Adding space with (E) House All inclusive In & Exterior Renovation), Belmont 
9. Tom Yip (Fully Redoing the 3000 Sq. Ft. (E) Balcony), Saratoga 
10, Shawn Yi (Turn Key Basis Restaurant Set up).. Orinda 
11. Alonzo Bradford (Insurance Recommended after W. Damaged repair, Kitchen, Baths Etc)., San Jose 
12. Joo Hyung Lee (Renovation (E) House and ADU) ., Santa Clara 
13. Daniel, (Renovation (E) Bathroom, Water Damaged Sheetrock) , San Jose 
14. Byron, (Renovation (E) House and Extension Living area, Roof) , Sunnyvale 
15. Anthony. (Remodeling (E) Bath and Laundry Room) ., Saratoga 
16. Lawrence Hale, (Insurance Recommended after Fire. Damaged repair, Kitchen, Baths Etc) , SF 
17. Natalie, (Rental Association- Car accident, Roof, Termites, W.Damaged, Roof, Balcony, Paint, Etc) San Jose 
18. Edward Kang (Realtor office referred a lot of house renovation before sale), San Jose 
19. Dan Nguyen, (Remodeling (E) Bathroom, Balcony Etc.) , San Jose 
20. Bahareh , (Home Office, with Split System) , Fremont 
21. Rick. (Remodeling (E) Kitchen and Bath Room) ., Mt. View 
22. Debora Feng, (Bathrooms, Roof, W. Damaged Repair) , Palo Alto 
23. Jenny O'malley, (Garage Remodeling with Laundry, Tankless Water heater ) S.V 
24. Jennifer (Full House Renovation, at Oakland) 
25. Riz. (Demolition 2 of wall with PSL Beam at attic then Fully Updated Kitchen at S. San Jose
26. Ann (Own house Remodeled and Rental unit fully updated at Mt. View) 
27. Eugene (Fascia Board, Gutter, Window Trim) Union City  
28. Sam Jong (Rental Unit, Siding, Bathroom, Paint,) San Jose 
29. Jasmine (Kitchen Remodeling, Window Replacement) San Jose 
30. John Glenn (Fully update house) Fremont 

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