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[House Remodeling] "Short answer/review, great and trustworthy contractor and team I highly recommend and would definitely use in the future. More specific details below: I've been contemplating some work to update a rental home which included replacing a bathtub/shower that had a crack. I've gotten a quote from another contractor that did some insurance work and liked but was as expected costly and booked not being able to begin work for a few months. My immediate concern was the bathtub/shower with the crack as I didn't want any damage because of a possible leak and so sought out other estimates ranging from contractors to specialty bathtub replacement businesses to a simple plumber. Upon meeting Wan who arrived early and took the time to observe the condition of the home, had noticed wood rot that needed attention sooner than later and recommended it be addressed before the rainy season. I trusted what he was saying as I knew it was an issue that needed at some point to be taken care of. He explained what they could do to mitigate any issues while keeping the costs down and also recommended painting to protect the home which I knew was possibly time as well. He then took a look at the bathtub/shower and quoted a price much lower than others if he could find the same to replace it with. As we walked through the home he understood it being a rental, I wanted quality for the price (bang for my buck) yet would look good and last. He recommended things that were important or simple but also expressed what didn't need replacement. He didn't simply take work that he didn't feel was worth the cost to me, exactly what a customer would like in a "partner" with the goal of maintaining the property and value while keeping costs down. Upon further discussion of the scope of work to be done which included the bathtub/shower replacement, a front window, outside wood rot repair and painting, along with a few minor work and adjustments he included as a courtesy, he was able to fit me in immediately knowing my situation and his schedule. It was great because the new tenants were beginning their move in a few days. His crew working on the job, his nephew Jongcheon (John) and a second John were just as great! His nephew and John did a great job on the shower, window, and outside work. All along the way they communicated any issues as we worked together to find the best solutions. Turned out they couldn't find a replacement for the bathtub/shower and so offered some options and went with a solution which was more in cost but still competitive and on the lower side than others had quoted. As for the window, it also wasn't as simple as expected as they couldn't find the match so easily and explored the various options. Again they worked with me and John treated me as a friend working hard taking a lot of time to find the best option which turned out arranging for someone to drive to southern CA to pick up the window and although with that the cost of the window turned out to be higher, they helped offset the cost by offering to not charge for the installation keeping the total cost close to the quote. Basically they got the job done jumping through some unexpected hoops to figure out a way to complete the job while keeping costs well within reason under the circumstances. Painting is now scheduled and the last part of the job. Everything looks great and the tenants and I are happy! I don't just recommend Wan and especially his team of Jongcheon and John, but look forward to working with them for other future jobs. In this industry things never work out perfectly but I feel Lees Pro Builders are more like a partner helping me find the best options and solutions with costs in mind. I'm sure everyone knows how hard it is to find a good contractor you can trust, both for the work and price, and when you find one it's one you keep! Thank you Wan, Jongcheon, and John!!! I look forward to working with you in the future!"
Samuel C. San Jose, CA 8/8/2021
[Repair Doors] "The team from Lee Pro Builders did a fantastic job repairing my entry door after being damaged from a break in. The team was responsive, cleaned up after themselves in between the days they worked and when they finished and they were always very accommodating to my requests. They started and finished the project when they said they would and they were on time for our first meeting and again on the project start date. If I have other work I need done in the future I plan to call them again."
Rachel C. San Jose, CA 7/31/2018
[Home Maintenance] "We hired Wan and his brother, Jason, to repair and paint the exterior stucco of our home and install framing around all windows. It was Jason and his crew who were doing all of the work and Wan never bothered to drop by to see how the project was progressing. They did a very poor job and cut so many corners. They insisted that it was not necessary to prime any exterior surfaces, even though it was noted on the contract that they were priming and painting the house, the containers of paint they bought say to use primer, and all the industry professionals we consulted with were appalled that Wan and Jason weren't priming the house at all. Jason painted the front door our color of choice and the paint is already chipping due to lack of primer. They overcharged us for cheap styrofoam framing that wasn't even coated or installed properly. On some of the edges of the styrofoam frames, I could feel the soft material because the hardening agent was not fully applied, and that will not do well in the elements. Also, there are a couple of really long crack lines that were partially filled and leftover glue from the old house numbers that weren't cleaned up. At one point, Jason tried to tell us that we drilled new holes into our door frame because he did not patch them up before he painted it, but in reality, those holes are from an old screen door we used to have. When we communicated our frustrations to Wan, he never tried to contact us to remedy the situation, which ultimately led us to fire him. Our new contractor working to fix Wan and Jason's shoddy work was shocked that they are licensed contractors. The trust we had in Lee's Pro Builders to beautify our home was essentially broken after day 4 and I caution anyone looking for a general contractor not to do any business with them.!"
Abby V. Campbell, CA 6/25/2020
[Window Repair] " Lees Pro Builders repaired leaking windows and inside water damage. They did it quickly cleaned up after their work and everything looks like new. They did this before the rains started and we haven't any new water issues. They also replaced roof tiles on fixed damage to roof mouldings. Below one window we have decorative balcony framing. They saw an issue and fixed and repainted it - No additional charge. Great guys"
Harold J. San Jose, CA 12/11/2018
[Add a Sunroom] "I hired Mr. Wan K Lee to repair my sunroom that is located in my backyard. It is a 16x30 and we've had it for over 2 decades. Mr. Wan made an appointment and was early. To summarize, before repairs: - Upon arrival, he wore a mask and had a copy of his license for me. - He spotted dry wood termite damage on the rafter. He advised me to contact an exterminator as termites can cause significant structural damage if left untreated. - He recognized that the sunroom had sunken several inches over the years as our home is on a hill. - He made recommendations for vinyl flooring and stated that it is possible that I may not be able to use the sliding door on the left side wall that was damaged. (Luckily, his team was able to repair the wall and the sliding door still works.) - Mr. Wan emailed me a step by step plan with the costs of each part of the project. The email had a lot of information but it was very neat and easy to read. To summarize, after repairs started: - Mr. Wan's team arrived every morning with masks. - Mr. Wan's team also made a smaller repair on roof that was damaged at front of home. - After the final day of the 5 day project, some quarter round mold did not properly stick due to weather conditions. However, Mr.Wan's nephew (Peter) replied to my text and stated that they will be there to assist on the Saturday after New Year's Day. - Mr.Wan made himself available to me via phone call or text at all stages of the repairs. Lastly, Peter answered all my questions and kept me updated on the project. He also consulted with the team whenever I had questions about other repairs as well. I highly recommend Lees Pro Builder for any home repairs that are needed!"
Steve T. Fremont, CA 1/4/2021
[Clean and Seal Decks, Fences] Mr Wan Lee was very response right from the time he responded to my RFQ. He personally inspected the site to understand the work. He also supervised the work during it's execution. He has well trained staff. He and his team did an excellent quality work within the estimated time frame. I have no hesitation in rehiring Lee's Pro Builders for my future projects."
Harish M. San Jose, CA 8/1/2017
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